- Site counts for butterflies in Flanders, Belgium


Beschrijving - Site counts for butterflies in Flanders, Belgium is a sampling event dataset published by the Research Institute of Nature and Forest (INBO). It is part of the suite of monitoring networks for priority species in Flanders, in which data are collected at fixed locations using a standardized protocol ( This dataset contains site counts for 2 priority butterfly species, as well as other butterflies observed during sampling. Here it is published as a standardized Darwin Core Archive and includes for each sampling event an eventID, date, location and sampling protocol (in the event core), the cloudiness, temperature, and wind force at the time of the event (in the measurement or fact extension) and for each occurrence an occurrenceID, the number of recorded individuals, status (present/absent) and scientific name (in the occurrence extension). Issues with the dataset can be reported at
Datum ter beschikking6-jun-2020
Temporele dekking1-jan-2016 - 31-dec-2018
Geografische dekkingFlanders

Thematische lijst

  • Insecten


  • beleidsgerichte meetnetten

Taxonomische lijst

  • vlinders (Lepidoptera)

Geografische lijst

  • Vlaanderen

Thematische Lijst 2020

  • Beschermde natuur
  • Data & Infrastructuur

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