MEMO+2020 - Monitoring exotic mosquitoes in Belgium

  • Isra Deblauwe (Maker)
  • Katrien De Wolf (Maker)
  • Dimitri Brosens (Maker)
  • Ruth Müller (Maker)
  • Wim Van Bortel (Maker)



MEMO - Monitoring of Exotic MOsquitoes in Belgium is a sampling event dataset published by the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (Belgium) (ITM). It is part of the early detection of exotic mosquito species (EMS) along high-risk introduction routes in Belgium, in which data are collected at defined locations (i.e. Points of Entry or PoE’s) using a standardised protocol. The MEMO dataset contains mosquito sampling counts performed between 2017 and 2020, and the MEMO+2020, an extension of the MEMO dataset, contains only Aedes albopictus mosquito trap counts performed in 2020. Here, they are published as a standardised Darwin Core Archive, which includes for each sampling event an eventID, a date, a location and a sampling protocol (in the event core); and an occurrenceID for each occurrence (tube), the number of collected individuals per tube, species status (present/absent), information on the identification and scientific name (in the occurrence extension).
Datum ter beschikking2022
Temporele dekkingjul-2020 - nov-2020
Geografische dekkingBelgium

Geografische lijst

  • België

Thematische Lijst 2020

  • Data & Infrastructuur
  • Invasieve soorten

Thematische lijst

  • Maatschappij

Taxonomische lijst

  • vliegen (Diptera)

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