Applied botanical research at the Institute for Forestry and Game Management (IBW-FG, Flanders-Belgium)

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    An overview is presented of research activities, related to vegetation sciences and botany, performed at the Institute for Forestry and Game Management. Special attention is given to how this scientific knowledge is implemented in management guidelines and practices. Presented topics are : methodology and results of intensive monitoring of vegetation dynamics in strict forest reserves; genetic and morphological diversity of plant species in water courses and the impact of planting them on the present flora; analysis of sylvicultural and floristic data of the Flemish Forest Inventory; inventory and study of authochthonous woody plants and programs for in situ and ex situ conservation; influence of extensive grazing on forest species composition and vegetation stucture; comparison of vegetation composition in ew f orest stands: active vs. Spontaneous afforestation.
    TijdschriftScripta Botanica Belgica
    Pagina's (van-tot)129-133
    Aantal pagina's5
    StatusGepubliceerd - 2003

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