Bridging the gap: the first record of the diving beetle subfamily Hydrodytinae Miller, 2001 in Guadeloupe (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

Kevin Scheers, Michael Manuel

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Several specimens of Hydrodytes opalinus (Zimmermann, 1921) were found in a
coastal wetland on Basse Terre island in Guadeloupe. This is the first record of the
subfamily Hydrodytinae Miller, 2001 from the Caribbean Basin north of Trinidad.
This finding sheds light on the biogeographical history of the subfamily by bridging
the gap between its main distribution area in continental Central and South
America and the isolated occurrence of Hydrodytes dodgei (Young, 1989) in Florida.
The habitus and some female reproductive structures of the specimens are illustrated.
Pagina's (van-tot)15-18
StatusGepubliceerd - sep-2019

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  • kevers (Coleoptera)
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