INBO position paper: Research Agenda 2020-2024

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INBO has extensively questioned its internal and external stakeholders about the research needs for nature policy in Flanders in order to optimise the alignment of its research agenda with the needs of policy makers and site managers, and with new societal developments.

The resulting Position Paper contains a research agenda for the period 2020-2024. A number of key concepts are central to our research approach:

- INBO embraces the model of Open Science and strives for transparency, reproducibility and accessibility.
- In open dialogue with partners and clients, we aim for collaboration, co-creation and multidisciplinarity.
- We provide solution-oriented advice, scenarios and future scenarios.

A number of INBO tasks are laid down in decrees and decisions: nature reporting, consultancy, the Biological Valuation Map, fauna management, monitoring and reporting on (European) protected nature in Flanders, forest reserves, etc.

In addition, we want to pay attention to new themes that are crucial for underpinning policy:

- We study the effects of climate change on ecosystems and how they adapt to it.
- We remain strongly committed to research into invasive species and develop targeted management measures.
- Natural Capital Accounting is being developed as a policy tool so that we can integrate the value of ecosystem services into economic balances.
- We are broadening our view of the city and the agricultural area, and we have an eye for the multifunctional use of the environment.
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NaamMededelingen van het Instituut voor Natuur- en Natuurbehoud

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