Data from: Successful eradication of a suburban Pallas’s squirrel Callosciurus erythraeus (Pallas 1779) (Rodentia, Sciuridae) population in Flanders (northern Belgium)





This data file (.csv with UTF-8 encoding) is associated to [Adriaens T., Baert K., Breyne P., Casaer J., Devisscher S., Onkelinx T., Pieters S., Stuyck J. (2015). Successful eradication of a suburban Pallas’s squirrel *Callosciurus erythraeus* (Pallas 1779) (Rodentia, Sciuridae) population in Flanders (northern Belgium). Biological Invasions. Doi:10.1007/s10530-015-0898-z] which reports on an eradication campaign of an invasive squirrel in Dadizele (western Flanders, Belgium) (Lat=50.851389, Lon=3.094444). This population was eradicated from a suburban park of about 15 ha using baited mesh wire life traps, in five consecutive capture campaigns between October 2005 and January 2011. For the period February 2006–April 2007 (dashed line) capture data are lacking. The data represent the capture day (in ISO 8601 format) and the number of squirrels captured on that day and were used to draft figure 2 in the associated manuscript.
Date made available7-Jul-2015
Publisher Dryad Digital Repository
Temporal coverage25-Oct-2005 - 12-Jan-2011
Date of data production7-Jul-2015
Geographical coverageDadizele, West-Vlaanderen
Geospatial point (coordinates in decimal format)50.851389,3.094444
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