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The Biotope Diversity team accumulates knowledge of and insight into the state and trends of habitats and other biotopes and vegetations, in support of an appropriate Natura 2000 biotope- and area-specific policy. It undertakes the six-yearly analysis of the state of the Natura 2000 habitats (and reports on this to the EU) and the formulation of the regional conservation targets for these habitats.

The biological valuation map and the Natura 2000 habitat map are outputs which are accessible to the general public. The level of development of the habitats is monitored by a representative monitoring network for Flanders.  In order to perform these tasks, Biotope Diversity works with colleagues from other teams to design assessment tools, monitoring networks and mapping methods. To improve the efficiency of fieldwork, the team is looking into whether remote sensing can be implemented.

The Flemish INBOVEG vegetation database is managed by this team, and analysis of the data it contains is another of its tasks. The purpose of this database is to collect and store centrally as many vegetation data as possible; until recently, such data were fragmented across different databases and applications. INBOVEG ensures that more users can gain access to these data by means of a web application used for both inputting and consulting.


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