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The Nature and Society team is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on the social aspects of nature, ecosystem services (ESSs) and conflict species in Flanders. Typical research themes include the societal demand for ESSs, stakeholder analyses, the analysis of arguments in favour of nature, the relationship between nature and well-being and policy instruments. Wherever possible we work with concrete case studies, in close collaboration with the relevant government agencies (the Flemish Land Agency, the Agency for Nature and Forest, the Flanders Environment Agency, the Flanders Heritage Agency, the Spatial Planning Agency, etc.) and local partners (e.g. cities, municipalities, regional landscapes, etc.). In this context, we are also often involved in setting up local participation processes. The team's geographical focus is mainly on agricultural areas, valley areas and (peri-)urban areas. Its research provides input for policy and practice, and where possible leads to the formulation of alternative policy instruments.


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