An Vanden Broeck


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Gaverstraat 4


Mobile: 0478 28 17 07

Research expertise

My main scientific interests concern anthropogenic impacts on the genetic diversity and evolutional potential of plant and insect species, tree species in particular. My PhD assessed whether Populus cultivars exchanged genes with their wild -and naturally occurring- relative Populus nigra in Belgium. After my PhD, I studied the effect of habitat reduction and fragmentation on gene flow in different plant species (Juniperus communis, Liparis loeselii, Thymus pulegioides, Tilia species) and in the specialist butterfly Maculinea (Phengaris) alcon. I have a Master and PhD in Agricultural science and Forestry Engineering and I’m trained as a population geneticist. My ongoing research projects explores the genetic diversity of historical butterfly populations by analyzing museum samples from Natural History Collections. Furthermore, I’m currently specifically interested in the adaptation potential to climate change of species with low genetic diversity. I explore the potential evolutionary relevance of heritable epigenetic variation in asexually reproduced plants.

Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD in Applied Biological Science

    Ph.D. Dissertaion : “Potential Gene flow from cultivated poplar into native European Black poplar (Populus nigra L.) in Belgium”. University Gent, Gent, 152 pp.

  • Master degree in Forest and Nature Management, Master degree in the

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