Foolow-up of the mitigating effects in the Special Protection Area 'Kempense Kleiputten' (EVINBO)

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The proposed project of the NV MC includes follow-up and monitoring of the effects of mitigating measures in addition to the formulation and realization of these measures. As part of the adaptation of the environmental license for the nv MC, two types of mitigation measures were planned. On the one hand, there are the source-directed measures to ensure that the acidifying deposit is reduced. On the other hand, there are the mitigating measures that mainly consist of an intensification of nature conservation and nature conservation measures.
The question that will be answered through monitoring is: will mitigation measures lead to the conservation and / or restoration of habitat types and species in the area concerned?
Each type of measurement questions determines the context of the monitoring and this largely determines how the monitoring should be conceived.
Effective start/end date1/07/1431/12/17
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