Monitoring Natura2000 habitat quality (incl. substantive aspects of implementation)

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In the context of the six-yearly reporting on the conservation status of the Natura2000 habitat types, their quality is monitored so as to make decisions possible at the level of Flanders and the network of Habitats Directive sites. This is done in pre-defined monitoring networks and through predetermined field protocols. Habitat types with a small total area that occur in only a few places are fully monitored, while others are monitored using a sampling frame. The measurement cycle is 12 years. The recording of vegetation is standard. This is supplemented as necessary with additional elements (especially structure variables) for determining the local conservation status. We are carrying this out in collaboration with ANB. For example, forest habitat types are being monitored through the forest inventory.
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/21
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