PhD research SBO-FWO in cooperation with UGent: Importance of estuarine coastal areas as a habitat for migration of fish and recovery of populations

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The aim of this PhD project is to valorise the importance of estuarine coastal zones for the management of economically relevant fish species. The study will be carried out in the Westerschelde and the adjacent Belgian coastal zone. Eel and cod were selected as indicator species for the importance of estuarine coastal areas because they have different uses of space in the research area and are both economically important. Valorisation of ecological data and the impact of anthropogenic activities (e. g. dredging) will lead to the presentation of a number of products, such as dynamic fish distribution maps, a habitat suitability model for marine and diadromous species and a management plan for the area. The use of the models and plans will allow for more efficient and sustainable use of space and enable cost-effective management.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/20
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