Remediation of fish migration bottlenecks in the Ghent-Ostend Canal (EVINBO)

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This research projects aims at finding solutions for the fish migration bottlenecks in the Ghent-Ostend Canal at Bruges.
Due to the abrupt bridging of a significant difference in water levels, the Keizerinnestuw, the Guldenvliesstuw and the Dampoortsluis constitute a fish migration bottleneck for fish moving upstream the alternative Ghent-Ostend main way. Given the legal framework (the Benelux Decision and the European Eel Rgulation), this migration target must be resolved as a priority. The ecological feasibility of various possible alternatives to resolving this bottleneck is being investigated through fishery research. The results of this research can also be used as a preliminary study (zero measurement) to evaluate the operation of the chosen solution later.
Effective start/end date31/12/1030/12/18

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