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    Assessing ecosystem service potentials to evaluate terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystem types in Northern Germany – An expert-based matrix approach. / Müller, Felix; Bicking, Sabine; Ahrendt, Kai; Bac, Dang Kinh; Blindow, Irmgard; Fürst, Christine; Haase, Peter; Kruse, Marion; Kruse, Tim; Ma, Liwei; Perennes, Marie; Ruljevic, Ivana; Schernewski, Gerald; Schimming, Claus-Georg; Schneiders, Anik; Schubert, Hendrik; Schumacher, noteJohanna; Tappeiner, Ulrike; Wangai, Peter; Windhorst, Wilhelm; Zeleny, Jakub.

    In: Ecological Indicators, Vol. 112, 05.2020.

    Research output: Contribution to journalA1: Web of Science-article

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