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    Response of fish communities to multiple pressures: Development of a total anthropogenic pressure intensity index. / Poikane, Sandra ; Ritterbusch, David; Argillier, Christine; Białokoz, Witold; Blabolil, Petr; Breine, Jan; Jaarsma, Nicolaas; Krause, Teet; Kubečka, Jan; Lauridsen, Torben; Nõges, Peeter; Peirson, Graeme; Virbickas, Tomas.

    In: Science of the total environment, Vol. 586, 2017, p. 502-511.

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    Biodiversiteit op genetisch niveau. / Vanden Broeck, An.

    2017. Paper presented at Opleiding Biodiversiteit voor MER-deskundigen., Brussel, Belgium.

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