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Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingContribution to Communications of Research Institute for Nature and Forest


  • Marc Pollet
  • P Grootaert
  • K Desender
  • Jean-Pierre Maelfait


Original languageDutch
Title of host publicationLevende duinen : een overzicht van de biodiversiteit aan de Vlaamse kust
EditorsSam Provoost
Number of pages16
PublisherInstituut voor Natuurbehoud
Publication date2004
Publication statusPublished - 2004


Dollchopodid flies make up an important component of invertebrate faunas in a variety of wetland types. A total of 260 species has been recorded from Flanders, 154 [60%] of which occur in the coastal region. In this ecodistrict, three species have become extinct and approximately another 70 are rare or listed as Flemish red list species. In the coastal dunes, especially humid habitats such as dune slacks and shrub vegetations are characterized by a rich dolichopodid fauna. In mobile and grey dunes, species diversity is much lower. Approximately 13% of the dune-inhabiting species has a red list status. Salt marshes also feature a diverse, typical and even more threatened fauna, with up to 43% of the fauna consisting of red list species.
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