Contribution to the knowledge of the Moroccan Odoanta, with first records of Orthetrum sabina, and an overview of first and last dates for all species

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  • Mohamed El Haissoufi
  • Geert De Knijf
  • Johan van 't Bosch
  • Nard Bennas
  • Andrés Millan Sanchez


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StatusGepubliceerd - 1-dec-2015


Several field surveys between 2007 and 2014 were undertaken in Morocco. Altogether
54 species were observed during our studies, representing 86 % of the odonate fauna of
the country. Orthetrum sabina is new for Morocco, increasing the number of species to 63. The
species was found at Oued Ez-Zahar near Akhfenir, about 1 700 km off its nearest known locality
at Ouargla in Algeria. Two small populations of Erythromma viridulum were found for the
first time in the Rif, bridging the gap between populations in the Middle Atlas and the Iberian
Peninsula. The third observation of Sympetrum sinaiticum for Morocco was recorded and we
were able to significantly increase the known number of localities of the threatened Moroccan
endemic Cordulegaster princeps. We further can show that several species (e.g., Boyeria irene, Pyrrhosoma nymphula) are more widely distributed than believed and occur also at low altitudes in the country. On the other hand, Calopteryx exul, Calopteryx virgo meridionalis, Lestes dryas, Coenagrion mercuriale, Aeshna isoceles and Libellula quadrimaculata are very rare in Morocco and their populations should be monitored to assess their potential decline. Finally, for
all Moroccan dragonfly species the first and last observation dates are listed. For 17 of them we provide the earliest observation date and for seven species we prolong the observation period

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