Evaluation of the effects of recent nature development measures in the Yser Estuary on ground beetle and spider assemblages

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Publication Authorstring : Desender, K.; Baert, L.; Maelfait, J.-P.
Publication RefStringPartII : <b><i>in</i></b>: Herrier, J.-L. <i>et al.</i> (Ed.) (2005). <i>Proceedings 'Dunes and Estuaries 2005': International Conference on nature restoration practices in European coastal habitats, Koksijde, Belgium 19-23 September 2005. VLIZ Special Publication,</i> 19: pp. 595-596


Since 1990, populations of ground beetles and spiders are continuously monitored in the coastal dune and saltmarsh habitats of the Yser Estuary (Nieuwpoort), within the context of a long-term study on invertebrate diversity, population dynamics and ecological and genetic effects of habitat fragmentation. By now, we know in detail the faunal composition of practically all available habitats in the study area. This is an ideal framework to monitor the effects of the nature development activities that started in 2001 in the area. Results of five large sampling campaigns in 2001-2003 (more than 25.000 carabid beetles and spiders, 218 species) show a number of new ground beetle and spider species and assemblages, but warrant that many of these could be rapidly lost again.
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