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    Drivers of population genetic differentiation in the wild: isolation by dispersal limitation, isolation by adaptation and isolation by colonization. / Orsini, Luisa; Vanoverbeke, Joost; Swillen, Ine; Mergeay, Joachim; De Meester, Luc.

    In: Molecular Ecology, Vol. 22, Nr. 24, 01.12.2013, blz. 5983-5999.

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    The role of selection in driving landscape genomic structure of the waterflea Daphnia magna. / Orsini, Luisa; Mergeay, Joachim; Vanoverbeke, Joost; De Meester, Luc.

    In: Molecular Ecology, Vol. 22, 2013, blz. 583-601.

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    Quantifying Carbon and Nutrient Input From Litterfall in European Forests Using Field Observations and Modeling. / Neumann, Mathias; Ukonmaanaho, Liisa; Johnson, James; Benham, Sue; Vesterdal, Lars; Novotny, Radek; Verstraeten, Arne; Lundin, Lars; Thimonier, Anne; Michopoulos, Panagiotis; Hasenauer, Hubert.

    In: GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES, Vol. 32, 09.05.2018, blz. 784-798.

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    Nitrogen biogeochemistry of a mature Scots pine forest subjected to high nitrogen loads. / Neirynck, Johan; Janssens, I.A.; Roskams, Peter; Quataert, Paul; Verschelde, Pieter; Ceulemans, R.

    In: Biogeochemistry, Vol. 91, 2008, blz. 201-222.

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    Relationships between crown condition of beech (Fagus sylvatica) and throughfall chemistry. / Neirynck, Johan; Roskams, Peter.

    In: Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, Vol. 16, Nr. 1-2, 1999, blz. 389-394.

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    Variability of ozone deposition velocity over a mixed suburban temperate forest. / Neirynck, Johan; Verstraeten, Arne.

    In: Frontiers in Environmental Science, Vol. 6, Nr. 82, 06.08.2018.

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    Application of Probabilistic Neural Networks to microhabitat suitability modelling for adult brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in Iberian rivers. / Munoz-Mas, R.; Martinez-Capel, F.; Garofano-Gomez, V.; Mouton, A. M.

    In: ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE, Vol. 59, 2014, blz. 30-43.

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    Assessing ecosystem service potentials to evaluate terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystem types in Northern Germany – An expert-based matrix approach. / Müller, Felix; Bicking, Sabine; Ahrendt, Kai; Bac, Dang Kinh; Blindow, Irmgard; Fürst, Christine; Haase, Peter; Kruse, Marion; Kruse, Tim; Ma, Liwei; Perennes, Marie; Ruljevic, Ivana; Schernewski, Gerald; Schimming, Claus-Georg; Schneiders, Anik; Schubert, Hendrik; Schumacher, noteJohanna; Tappeiner, Ulrike; Wangai, Peter; Windhorst, Wilhelm; Zeleny, Jakub.

    In: Ecological Indicators, Vol. 112, 05.2020.

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    Optimisation of adjusted barrier management to improve glass eel migration at an estuarine barrier. / Mouton, Ans M.; Huysecom, Stijn; Buysse, David; Stevens, Maarten; Van den Neucker, Tom; Coeck, Johan.

    In: Journal of Coastal Conservation, Vol. 18, Nr. 2, 2014, blz. 111-120.

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    The invasive round goby Neogobius melanostomus and tubenose goby Proterorhinus semilunaris: two introduction routes into Belgium. / Mombaerts, Merlijn; Verreycken, Hugo; Volckaert, Filip; Huyse, Tine.

    In: Aquatic Invasions, Vol. 9, Nr. 3, 2014, blz. 305-314.

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    Functionally complete communities result in better ecosystem functioning: Dung removal and secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in the Western Palaearctic. / Milotic, Tanja; Baltzinger, Christophe; Eichberg, Carsten; Eycott, Amy; Heurich, Marco; Müller, Jörg; Noriega, Jorge; Menendez, Rosa; Stadler, Jutta; Ádám, Réka; Bargmann, Tessa; Bilger, Isabelle; Buse, Jörn; Calatayud, Joaquín; Ciubuc, Constantin; Boros, Gergely; Jay-Robert, Pierre; Kruus, Märt; Merivee, Enno; Miessen, Geoffrey; Must, Anne; Ardali, Elham; Preda, Elena; Rahimi, Iraj; Rohwedder, Dirk; Rose, Rob; Slade, Eleanor; Somay, László; Tahmasebi, Pejman; Ziani, Stefano; Hoffmann, Maurice.

    In: Journal of Biogeography, 22.11.2018.

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    How does gut passage impact endozoochorous seed dispersal success? Evidence from a gut environment simulation experiment. / Milotic, Tanja; Hoffmann, Maurice.

    In: Basic and Applied Ecology, Vol. 17, Nr. 2, 03.2016, blz. 165-176.

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    Linking functional group richness and ecosystem functions of dung beetles: an experimental quantification. / Milotic, Tanja; Quide, Stijn; Van Loo, Thomas; Hoffmann, Maurice.

    In: Oecologia, Vol. 183, Nr. 1, 01.2017, blz. 177-190.

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    Short-term impact of grazing by sheep on vegetation dynamics in a newly created salt-marsh site. / Milotic, Tanja; Erfanzadeh, R; Petillon, J; Maelfait, Jean-Pierre; Hoffmann, Maurice.

    In: Grass and forage Science, Vol. 65, 2010, blz. 121-132.

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    Evolution and Biodiversity : The evolutionary basis of biodiversity and its potential for adaptation to global change. / Mergeay, Joachim; Santamaria, L.

    In: Evolutionary Applications, Vol. 5, 2012, blz. 103-106.

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    Priority effects and species sorting in a long paleoecological record of repeated community assembly through time. / Mergeay, Joachim; De Meester, L; Eggermont, H; Verschuren, D.

    In: Ecology, Vol. 92, Nr. 12, 2011, blz. 2267-2275.

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    The Scheldt estuary : A description of a changing ecosystem. / Meire, Patrick; Ysebaert, Tom; Van Damme, S; Van den Bergh, Erika; Maris, T; Struyf, E.

    In: Hydrobiologia, Vol. 540, Nr. 1-3, 2005, blz. 1-11.

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    Isolation and characterisation of the fi rst microsatellite markersfor the European stag beetle, Lucanus cervus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). / McKeown, Niall; Harvey, Deborah J.; Healey, Amy J.E.; Skujina, Ilze; Cox, Karen; Gange, Alan C.; Shaw, Paul W.

    In: European Journal of Entomology, Vol. 115, Nr. 1, 01.11.2018, blz. 620-623.

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    Tuning the tide: creating ecological conditions for tidal marsh development in a flood control area. / Maris, T; Cox, T; Temmerman, S; De Vleeschauwer, P; Van Damme, S; De Mulder, T; Van den Bergh, Erika; Meire, Patrick.

    In: Hydrobiologia, Vol. 588, Nr. 1, 2007, blz. 31-43.

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    Assessment of persistent brominated and chlorinated organic contaminants in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Flanders, Belgium : Levels, profiles and health risk. / Malarvannan, Govindan; Belpaire, Claude; Geeraerts, Caroline; Eulaers, Igor; Neels, Hugo; Covaci, Adrian.

    In: Science of the total environment, Vol. 482-483, 2014, blz. 222-233.

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    Analysis of the inland cladocerans of Flanders (Belgium) – inferring changes over the past 70 years. / Louette, Gerald; De Bie, T; Vandekerkhove, J; Declerck, S; De Meester, L.

    In: BELGIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, Vol. 137, Nr. 1, 2007, blz. 117-123.

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    Bioscore - Cost - effective assessment of policy impact on biodiversity using species sensitivity scores. / Louette, Gerald; Maes, Dirk; Alkemade, R. J. M; Boitani, L; De Knegt, B; Eggers, J; Falcucci, Alessandra; Framstad, E; Hagemeijer, W; Hennekens, S. M; Maiorano, L; Nagy, S; Serradilla, A. N; Ozinga, W. A; Schaminée, J. H. J; Tsiaousi, V; Van Tol, S; Delbaere, B.

    In: JOURNAL FOR NATURE CONSERVATION, Vol. 18, Nr. 2, 2010, blz. 142-148.

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    Bridging the gap between the Natura 2000 regional conservation status and local conservation objectives. / Louette, Gerald; Adriaens, Dries; Adriaens, Peter; Anselin, Anny; Devos, Koen; Sannen, K; Van Landuyt, Wouter; Paelinckx, Desiré; Hoffmann, Maurice.

    In: JOURNAL FOR NATURE CONSERVATION, Vol. 19, Nr. 4, 2011, blz. 224–235.

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    The founding mothers : the genetic structure of newly established Daphnia populations. / Louette, Gerald; Vanoverbeke, Joost; Ortells, Raquel; De Meester, Luc.

    In: Oikos (København), Vol. 116, Nr. 5, 2007, blz. 728-741.

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    Intra- and inter-annual variation of Cd, Zn, Mn and Cu in foliage of poplars on contaminated soil. / Lettens, Suzanna; Vandecasteele, Bart; De Vos, Bruno; Vansteenkiste, D; Verschelde, Pieter.

    In: Science of the total environment, Vol. 409, Nr. 11, 2011, blz. 2306-2316.

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    Stocks and fluxes of soil organic carbon for landscape units in Belgium derived from heterogenous data sets for 1990 and 2000. / Lettens, Suzanna; Van Orshoven, J; van Wesemael, B; De Vos, Bruno; Muys, B.

    In: Geoderma, Vol. 127, 2005, blz. 11-23.

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    An approach to intercalibrate ecological classification tools using fish in transitional water of the North East Atlantic. / Lepage, Mario; Harrison, Trevor; Breine, Jan; Cabral, Henrique; Coates, Steve; Galván, Cristina; García, Pilar; Jager, Zwanette; Kelly, Fiona; Mosch, Eva Christine; Pasquaud, Stephanie; Scholle, Jörg; Uriarte, Ainhize; Borja, Angel.

    In: Ecological Indicators, Nr. 67, 2016, blz. 318-327.

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    How to maximally support local and regional biodiversity in applied conservation? Insights from pond management. / Lemmens, Pieter; Mergeay, Joachim; De Bie, Tom; Van Wichelen, Jeroen; De Meester, Luc; Declerck, Steven A. J.

    In: PLoS ONE, Vol. 8, 2013, blz. e72538.

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    The Impact of Conservation Management on the Community Composition of Multiple Organism Groups in Eutrophic Interconnected Man-Made Ponds. / Lemmens, Pieter; Mergeay, Joachim; Van Wichelen, Jeroen; De Meester, Luc; Declerck, Steven A. J.

    In: PLoS ONE, Vol. 10, 2015, blz. e0139371.

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    Mountain roads shift native and non-native plant species' ranges. / Lembrechts, Jonas J.; Alexander, Jake M.; Cavieres, Lohengrin A.; Haider, Sylvia; Lenoir, Jonathan; Kueffer, Christoph; McDougall, Keith; Naylor, Bridgett J.; Nunez, Martin A.; Pauchard, Anibal; Rew, Lisa J.; Nijs, Ivan; Milbau, Ann.

    In: Ecography, Vol. 40, 08.03.2017, blz. 353-364.

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    Avian fruit ingestion differentially facilitates seed germination of four fleshy-fruited plant species of an Afrotropical forest. / Lehouck, V; Spanhove, Toon; Lens, L.

    In: Plant Ecology and Evolution, Vol. 144, Nr. 1, 2011, blz. 96-100.

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    Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus January population censuses for Northwest Mainland Europe, 1995-2015. / Laubek, Bjarke; Clausen, Preben; Nilsson, Leif; Wahl, Johannes; Wieloch, Maria; Meissner, Wlodzimierz; Shimmings, Paul; Larsen, Bjorn Harald; Hornman, Menno; Langendoen, Tom; Lehikoinen, Aleksi; Luigujoe, Leho; Stipniece, Antra; Svazas, Saulius; Sniauksta, Laimonas; Keller, Verena; Gaudard, Clemence; Devos, Koen; Musilova, Zuzana; Teufelbauer, Norbert; Rees, Eileen C.; Fox, Anthony D.

    In: Wildfowl, Nr. Special issue 5, 2019, blz. 103-122.

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    Odonata surveys 2010–2016 in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman, with emphasis on some regional heritage species. / Lambret, Philippe; Boudot, Jean-Pierre; Chelmick, David; De Knijf, Geert; Durand, Eric; Judas, Jacky; Stoquert, Anthony.

    In: Odonatologica, Vol. 46, Nr. 3/4, 01.12.2017, blz. 153-205.

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  40. Gepubliceerd

    Winter warming effects on tundra shrub performance are species-specific and dependent on spring conditions. / Krab, Eveline J.; Roennefarth, Jonas; Becher, Marina; Blume-Werry, Gesche; Keuper, Frida; Klaminder, Jonathan; Kreyling, Jürgen; Makoto, Kobayashi; Milbau, Ann; Dorrepaal, Ellen.

    In: Journal of Ecology, Vol. 106, Nr. 599-612, 03.2018.

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  41. Gepubliceerd

    Late Quaternary sea-level change and isostatic and tectonic land movements along the Belgian-Dutch North Sea coast : Geological data and model results. / Kiden, P.; Denys, Luc; Johnston, P.

    In: Journal of Quaternary Science , Vol. 17, 2002, blz. 535-546.

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    Assessing the ecological risk posed by a recently established invasive alien predator: Harmonia axyridis as a case study. / Kenis, Marc; Adriaens, Tim; Brown, P. M. J; Katsanis, Angelos; San Martin, Gilles; Branquart, Etienne; Maes, Dirk; Eschen, Rene; Zindel, R; Van Vlaenderen, J; Babendreier, D; Roy, Helen E.; Hautier, L; Poland, Remy L.

    In: BioControl, Vol. 62, Nr. 3, 06.2017, blz. 341-354.

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    A comparison of national approaches to setting ecological status boundaries in phytobenthos assessment for the European Water Framework Directive : results of an intercalibration exercise. / Kelly, M; Bennett, C; Coste, M; Delgado, C; Delmas, F; Denys, Luc; Ector, L; Fauville, C; Ferréol, M; Golub, M; Jarlman, A; Kahlert, M; Lucey, J; Chatháin, B; Pardo, I; Pfister, P; Picinska-Faltynowicz, J; Rosebery, J; Schranz, C; Schaumburg, J; van Dam, H; Vilbaste, S.

    In: Hydrobiologia, Vol. 621, Nr. 1, 2009, blz. 169-182.

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    Comparing aspirations : Intercalibration of ecological status concepts across European lakes for littoral diatoms. / Kelly, Martyn; Urbanic, Gorazd; Acs, Eva; Bennion, Helen; Bertrin, Vincent; Burgess, Amy; Denys, Luc; Gottschalk, Steffi; Kahlert, Maria; Maaria Karjalainen, Satu; Kennedy, Bryan; Kosi, Gorazd; Marchetto, Aldo; Morin, Soizic; Picinska-Fałtynowicz, Joanna; Poikane, Sandra; Rosebery, Juliette; Schoenfelder, Ilka; Schoenfelder, Joerg; Varbiro, Gabor.

    In: Hydrobiologia, Vol. 734, 2014, blz. 125-141.

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    Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable. / Kehoe, Laura; Reis, Tiago; Virah-Sawmy, Malika; Balmford, Andrew; Kuemmerle, Tobias; Knohl, Alexander; Antonelli, Alexandre; Balmford, Andrew; Hochkirch, Axel; Vira, Bhaskar; Massa, Bruno; Peres, Carlos A.; Ammer, Christian; Goerg, Christoph; Schneider, Christoph; Curtis, David; de la Pena, Eduardo; Tello, Enric; Sperfeld, Erik; Corbera, Esteve; Morelli, Federico; Valladares, Fernando; Peterson, Garry; Hide, Geoff; Mace, Georgina; Kallis, Giorgos; Olsson, Gunilla Almered; Brumelis, Guntis; Alexanderson, Helena; Haberl, Helmut; Nuissl, Henning; Kreft, Holger; Ghazoul, Jaboury; Piotrowski, Jan A.; Macdiarmid, Jennie; Newig, Jens; Fischer, Joern; Altringham, John; Gledhill, John; Nielsen, Jonas O.; Mueller, Joerg; Palmeirim, Jorge; Barlow, Jos; Alonso, Juan C.; Presa Asencio, Juan Jose; Steinberger, Julia K.; Jones, Julia Patricia Gordon; Cabral, Juliano Sarmento; Dengler, Juergen; Stibral, Karel; Erb, Karlheinz; Rothhaupt, Karl-Otto; Wiegand, Kerstin; Cassar, Louis F.; Lens, Luc; Rosalino, Luis Miguel; Wassen, M. J.; Stenseke, Marie; Fischer-Kowalski, Marina; Diaz, Mario; Rounsevell, Mark; van Kleunen, Mark; Junginger, Martin; Kaltenpoth, Martin; Zobel, Martin; Weigend, Maximilian; Partel, Meelis; Schilthuizen, Menno; Bastos Araujo, Miguel; Haklay, Muki; Eisenhauer, Nico; Selva, Nuria; Mertz, Ole; Meyfroidt, Patrick; Borges, Paulo A. 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    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  46. Gepubliceerd

    Identification versus counting protocols as sources of uncertainty in diatom-based ecological status assessments. / Kahlert, M; Kelly, M; Albert, R. L; Almeida, S; Besta, T; Blanco, S; Coste, M; Denys, Luc; Ector, L; Frankova, M; Hlubikova, D; Ivanov, P; Kennedy, B; Marvan, P; Mertens, A; Miettinen, J; Picinska-Faltynowicz, J; Rosebery, J; Tornés, E; Vilbaste, S; Vogel, A.

    In: Hydrobiologia, Vol. 695, 2012, blz. 109-124.

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  47. Gepubliceerd

    The response of soil solution chemistry in European forests to decreasing acid deposition. / Johnson, James; Graf Pannatier, Elisabeth; Carnicelli, Stefano; Cecchini, Guia; Clarke, Nicholas; Cools, Nathalie; Hansen, Karin; Meesenburg, Henning; Nieminen, Tiina M; Pihl Karlsson, Gunilla; Titeux, Hugues; Vanguelova, Elena; Verstraeten, Arne; Vesterdal, Lars; Waldner, Peter; Jonard, Mathieu.

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    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  48. Gepubliceerd

    Detecting ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies : A practice-oriented application in four industrialized estuaries. / Jacobs, Sander; Wolfstein, Kirsten; Vandenbruwaene, Wouter; Vrebos, Dirk; Beauchard, Olivier; Maris, Tom; Meire, Patrick.

    In: Ecosystem Services, 2014.

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  49. Gepubliceerd
  50. E-publicatie voorafgaand op geprinte versie

    Invasive non-native species likely to threaten biodiversity and ecosystems in the Antarctic Peninsula region. / Hughes, Kevin A. ; Pescott, Oliver L. ; Peyton, Jodey; Adriaens, Tim; Cottier-Cook, Elisabeth J.; Key, Gillian; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Tricarico, Elena; Barnes, David K.A.; Baxter, Naomi; Belchier, Mark; Blake, Denise; Convey, Peter; Dawson, Wayne; Frohlich, Danielle; Gardiner, Lauren M. ; González-Moreno, Pablo; James, Ross; Malumphy, Christopher; Martin, Stephanie; Martinou, Angeliki F. ; Minchin, Dan; Monaco, Andrea; Moore, Niall; Morley, Simon A. ; Ross, Katherine; Shanklin, Jonathan; Turvey, Katharine; Vaughan, David; Vaux, Alexander G.C. ; Werenkraut, Victoria; Winfield, Ian J.; Roy, Helen E. .

    In: Global Change Biology, 13.01.2020.

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  51. Gepubliceerd

    Modelling study of soil C, N and pH response to air pollution and climate change using European LTER site observations. / Holmberg, Maria; Aherne, Jules; Boloica, jelena ; DeMarco, Alessandra; Dirnböck, Thomas; Fornasier, Maria Francesca ; Goergen, Klaus; Futter, Martyn ; Lindroos, Antti-Jussi ; Neirynck, Johan; Krám, Pavel ; Nieminen, Tiina Maileena ; Pecka, Tomasz ; Posch, Maximilian ; Pröll, Gisela ; Rowe, Ed C. ; Scheuschner, Thomas ; Schlutow, Angela ; Valinia, Salar ; Forsius, Martin.

    In: Science of the total environment, 11.2018, blz. 387-399.

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel


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