Short communication : Larval rearing of ide (leuciscus idus (l.)) Using decapsulated artemia

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TijdschriftArchives of polish fisheries
Tijschrift nummer2
Pagina's (van-tot)191-195
Aantal pagina's5
StatusGepubliceerd - 2004

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Publication Authorstring : Harzevili, A.S.; Vught, I.; Auwerx, J.; De Charleroy, D.
Publication RefStringPartII : <i>Archives of polish fisheries 12(2)</i>: 191-195


The use of decapsulated Artemia cysts as food for ide, Leuciscus idus (L.), larviculture was investigated. Three days after hatching, the larvae were fed on different diets: (a) dried decapsulated Artemia cysts, (b) Artemia nauplii, (c) Artemia nauplii for 7 days and then trout starter, (d) diet for marine larvae (manufactured artificial diet), (e) trout starter. After a 21-day rearing period, the highest survival rate was obtained with the larvae receiving decapsulated Artemia cysts. Feeding of the larvae with artificial diets resulted in a significantly lower survival rate compared to the other groups. At the end of the experiment, the larvae fed on Artemia nauplii gained significantly higher length compared to the other groups. Feeding different artificial diets resulted in significantly lower average mean length and weight compared to the other groups.

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