Temporal distribution of accumulated metal mixtures in two feral fish species and the relation with condition metrics and community structure

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TijdschriftEnvironmental Pollution
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


The present study investigated temporal influences on metal distribution in gudgeon (Gobio gobio) and roach (Rutilus rutilus), and its relation to condition metrics and fish community structure. Fish communities were sampled in two seasons (autumn and spring) during two successive years and the Index of
Biotic Integrity (IBI) was calculated. Cadmium, Cu, Pb, Zn and As concentrations were measured in gill, liver, kidney and muscle, and condition factor (CF) and hepatosomatic index (HSI) were measured. Cadmium (max. 39.0 mg g1 dw) and Zn (max 2502 mg g1 dw) were most strongly stored in kidney and
liver and periodical influences on metal accumulation were observed. CF appeared to be a stable metric related to accumulated metal-mixtures and was best related to hepatic levels, while the HSI was less useful. Relations between single metal accumulation and IBI were influenced by sample period, however,
when taking into account multiple metals periodical influences disappeared.

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  • Metal accumulation Condition factor (CF) Hepatosomatic index (HSI) Index of biotic integrity (IBI) Fish communities
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  • De Jonge et al 2015 Metals in fish and fish metrics Environmental Pollution

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