Testing the applicability of regional IUCN Red List criteria on ladybirds (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in Flanders (north Belgium): opportunities for conservation

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  • Gilles San Martin y Gomez
  • Johan Bogaert
  • Luc Crevecoeur
  • Jean-Pierre Beuckx

Externe Organisaties

  • UCL-ELI, Université catholique de Louvain, Earth and Life Institute
  • Belgian Ladybird Working Group


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TijdschriftInsect Conservation and Diversity
Tijschrift nummer5
Pagina's (van-tot)404-417
Aantal pagina's14
StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


1. Red Lists assess the extinction risk of species and are an important
tool to prioritise species conservation and management measures. Worldwide,
quantitative IUCN criteria are used to estimate the threat status of
species at the regional level.
2. In Flanders (north Belgium), about 70 000 distribution records of ladybirds
were collected in 36% of all the grid cells (1 9 1 km2) since 1990 during a
large-scale citizen-science project.
3. Applying the IUCN criteria to the 36 resident ‘conspicuous’ ladybirds in
Flanders resulted in two Regionally Extinct species, three Endangered species and
six Vulnerable species. A further seven species were considered Near Threatened
and the remaining 15 species (39%) were assessed as Least Concern. Three species
were classified as Data deficient. Using the Red List status, we delineated ladybird
hotspots that were mainly located in grid cells with large areas of Natura2000 sites.
4. For calculating a distribution trend, we advocate the use of a high grid cell
resolution (e.g. 1 9 1 km2 or 5 9 5 km2).
5. The ladybird data set from Flanders provides evidence that IUCN Red
List criteria can be applied to this charismatic, but relatively under-surveyed
insect group. For estimating the geographic range, the use of extent of occurrence
instead of area of occupancy is advisable when the survey coverage is relatively
low. We discuss the opportunities of the availability of a ladybird Red
List for regional conservation measures.

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  • lieveheersbeestjes, bescherming, rode lijsten, red list, ladybirds, IUCN


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